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Yoga La Source

A radiant life of happiness and peace

It is with joy that I follow how the river from your Source grows stronger and stronger, and am forever grateful for having drunk from it. I wish you playful and beautiful currents ahead. - K.S. 1/9/16

Yoga La Source

Our focus is to help you reach optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being so that your inner light shines brightly and joyfully.

We offer Hatha Yoga and Supportive Yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga engages and channels one’s subtle energy via purification techniques, postures, breathing exercises and meditation to achieve maximum vitality, mental clarity, and abundant joy:

We teach without background music to cultivate a peaceful, meditative state.

Supportive Yoga

The following systems stem from Hatha Yoga which students find beneficial and relaxing:

Congratulations on La Source, you do a fantastic job and I feel truly fortunate to have had it as the starting point in my personal Yoga journey. - F.S.

We recommend registering on a term basis in one or more courses where your place is then guaranteed every week. This way, your teacher gets to know you personally to better assist your development. You may start at any point during a term and assimilate smoothly as each style maintains the same posture sequence (with some variations) each week. Single-class registration is also available for those with irregular schedules. (See course schedule.)

Our Teachers

Our highly experienced and enthusiastic teachers have at least 10 years of teaching experience, and most have more than 500 hours of teacher trainings taken over several years.

Thank you so much for the great class - it is a really nice and peaceful moment during a busy week. The teaching is great, exactly what I was looking for. It is helping me a lot to find a good balance and harmony every day... - J.D.

A Deeper Understanding

We enhance our students' understanding of yoga philosophy through occasional Sunday afternoon breathing, meditation & discussion sessions and offer weekend workshops with advanced international teachers. We encourage you to read Fredric's articles on yoga philosophy in our Learning Corner to deepen your understanding and practice.

I can really feel a change in me, I have a bigger and truer smile, somehow I feel more grounded and I can feel my world... I am. And yoga is really helping me on this journey. - A.S.


Strassen, City Center, Walferdange

Call us to find the right course for you - 33 34 19.

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