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Class Cancellation & Replacement System

  • Term students can cancel a class online up to 1 hour in advance to receive a credit.
  • A credit gives the possibility, but not the right, to take a class from another course before the term's end depending on space availability.
  • All credits return to "0" at term's end and cannot be used in a following term.
  • You can use a credit earlier than the canceled class. To replace the last class of a term, cancel it and use the credit in advance. Otherwise, it is lost.

How to Cancel

After you have paid:

  1. Log in.
  2. Click or tap  My Registrations ▽ , then click or tap the link to your course.
  3. Scroll below the calendar of your course page...

1 credit will be added in your  My Registrations ▽  section.

If you canceled a class but later can attend, click "undo cancellation" in  My Registrations ▽ . This "undo" link disappears if someone has taken your place.

How to Use a Credit

With credits, register with the "replacement class" system within 48 hours of class time.

Expand  My Registrations ▽  and click the  ≡ Replacement Classes  button for "Available Replacement Classes".

Click or tap the link to a class's course page to register as below.

You can cancel the registration at least 1 hour before class time in  My Registrations ▽  and get the credit back. Within 1 hour, the credit is lost.