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Schedule for Summer 2021

Stream classes via Zoom

Streamed classes continue throughout the summer. See the next 7 days of streamed classes and register via our "Stream Classes" page.

Indoor classes

Beata Gerbredere offers Iyengar Yoga 50+ on Thursday, July 22nd and 29th - 19:00-20:30

Nathalie Colavitti offers Ashtanga Yoga on Wednesday, July 21st and then August 14th-September 8th - 18:45-20:15.

Rather than listed as "weekly courses" below, you can register for them on the "upcoming events" page as they appear.

Both take place at our Strassen center in English with mask optional. Maximum 8 students for 100 m2.

No class is currently available for single-class registration. Check later.

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