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Before Fredric began yoga, he suffered a severe lower back injury. Over 30 years in yoga, both as student and teacher, he learned many variations of traditional yoga exercises and postures that are done with the least possible stress and compression to the spine and have proved to be very effective in strengthening and stretching the appropriate muscles necessary to provide proper support for the lower back, to eliminate stiffness and to alleviate pain.

He has introduced and developed this yoga for the back course over many years, and the students have had such notable results that it has become one of the most popular courses at La Source.

"Your back yoga sessions have done miracles to my back! Thanks for that." - P.P.

Most of the exercises are done lying down to reduce spinal compression and in a slow, steady rhythm so that one develops a heightened awareness of all the sensations within the body. Between exercises, time is taken to consciously release all muscular tension. In this way, one experiences the deeply relaxing benefits of yoga.

Due to the gentle and focused nature of this class, it is also beneficial for those who are currently not involved in any active exercise program but wish to start.

"I would recommend this class to everyone, even to people without back problems. Prevention is better than cure." - N.S.

"The course is a real discovery for me, I really look forward to it every week! (which I haven’t said for any physical activity since I have my back and knee problems!)" - I.G.

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Schedule for Lower back yoga

Autumn 2017
Info Day Time Location Teacher  
Details Monday 18:40-19:55 Walferdange Marina WL
Details Monday 20:10-21:30 City: Marie-Thérèse Miguel R
Details Tuesday 09:45-11:00 Walferdange Fredric WL
Details Tuesday 18:30-19:45 Strassen Français Andrée WL
Details Tuesday 20:00-21:15 Strassen Français Andrée R
Details Wednesday 12:45-13:45 Coque Fredric R
Details Thursday 12:30-13:45 Strassen Denise R
Details Thursday 18:30-19:45 Walferdange Fredric WL
Details Thursday 19:45-21:00 Walferdange Fredric WL
Details Friday 12:15-13:15 Court of Justice Fredric R
Details Saturday 09:30-10:45 Strassen Français Andrée WL