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This course is for you If you are motivated to develop or refine your own self-practice while the teacher gives you one-on-one personal guidance on technique, alignment, physical adjustments, and postural adaptations. It's basically a "private class" with other students taking it at the same time and with each of you practicing the sequence you know in your own rhythm. You want to spend longer exploring a posture and its variation one evening? This gives you the opportunity.

Mysore is normally associated with Ashtanga yoga, but students can practice any hatha yoga sequence they know and receive similar personal guidance.

As the course lasts 2 hours, there will likely be time for group pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

For Ashtanga pracititoners, download the illustrated primary and intermediate sequences of Ashtanga yoga as learning the sequence will enable you to transition smoothly between postures. You are welcome to bring these sheets to class.

For Sivananda practitioners, download the surya namaskar sequence and the basic 12-posture sequence.

Schedule for Mysore

Autumn 2022
Day Time Location Teacher
18:30 - 20:30
Strassen Marija Details