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Ashtanga Mysore

This course is open to students who have already practiced Ashtanga Yoga for at least one term or who have a very solid base of yoga postures from any other hatha yoga system.

The physical and respiratory practices are dynamic. This course is a Mysore-style class which means that each student knows and practices the sequence of postures at his/her own rhythm. This gives more freedom to the student and also frees the teacher to circulate throughout the room and take the time to give specific hands-on adjustments.

As the course lasts 2 hours, there is time for pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Ashtanga Mysore-style video

Download the illustrated primary and intermediate sequences.

Upcoming events for Ashtanga Mysore

Ashtanga Mysore-style Program (2 hr)

Marija Bjekovic

starts Mon. jul. 18, '22 at 19:00

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Ashtanga Mysore-style Program (2 hr)

Ashtanga Team Teachers

starts Mon. sep. 05, '22 at 19:00

Xxl mysore