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Yoga La Source

COVID-19 Policy

Saturday, October 24th

We wish to welcome you to practice yoga at our in-studio group classes in a safe and relaxing manner.

In-Studio Classes

Registration and Safety Measures

  • Single-class registration is open 48 hours before class to ensure all are healthy at time of registration. You may cancel online up to 3 hours before class and receive a credit.
  • Students agree not to attend class if symptomatic of any illness or even if someone in the same household is ill.
  • We ask that no registrations are made within 7 days of returning to Luxembourg via air travel.
  • Wearing a mask is required upon entry to all locations including areas frequented by residents of the building and within our studios as well.
  • Upon your mat, your mask is required to cover nose and mouth with more than 4 people in the room. With 4 or less people, you may lower your mask from your nose to allow for comfortable nostril breathing, but to keep the mouth covered to reduce respiratory droplets. There will be no dynamic breathing practices, and dynamic styles will be adapted to enable a comfortable yoga practice.
  • Please bring your own mat (and props if used at your class). We have mats for sale.
  • While we have dressing rooms in all locations, you may come already dressed to have a faster in and out. We will have paper towels and hand disinfectant available, but you may consider to bring your own cloth towel and disinfectant.

Streaming Classes

We provide a wide array of yoga styles and teachers with classes in English and French. Classes are posted at least 4 days in advance and are found separately on our “Stream Classes” page.

We wish you a good continuation of your yoga practice in whatever form it takes and a healthy and happy autumn period!