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Yoga La Source

Coronavirus Policy

Last update - Friday, June 5th - below

Monday, March 2nd

Yoga La Source takes for its guidelines a policy established at one of the EU institutions.

Those who have returned recently from a risk area should use the cancellation system over a period of 14 days before returning to class.

In addition:

  • We ask that if you feel unwell or have developed a cough from a cold to cancel your class online for a credit. Those with weaker immune systems will thank you.
  • We suggest you purchase your own mat. We sell mats at 25 and 45 Euros. If you wish to order one, please email us.
  • Finally: follow basic hygiene recommendations in general (wash hands, avoid touching face).


Tuesday, March 3rd

Knowledge is Power

Sunday, March 8th

We are implementing the following measures, some of which are based on the advice of a medical doctor:

1. Reducing Capacity

Courses that were nearing capacity are now closed to new students. However, by reducing capacity, it will be harder for term students using credits to find space in those courses. Below are the courses with more space availability for new students, to use credits or to switch your term registration over to one of them if you desire:

Monday 9:30 Sivananda - Strassen
Monday 12:25 Sivananda - Strassen
Monday 19:00 Postures, Breathing, Meditation - Strassen
Monday 19:30 Ashtanga Mysore (may switch to Ashtanga-led) - Bereldange
Monday 20:10 Sivananda for the Back - City
Tuesday 19:50 Sivananda in French - Strassen
Tuesday 20:00 Sivananda - Bereldange
Wednesday 12:20 Iyengar - Strassen
Wednesday 20:00 Yin - Strassen
Wednesday 20:00 Ashtanga - City
Thursday 12:15 Yin - Strassen
Thursday 20:00 Yin - City
Friday 12:15 Sivananda in French - Strassen
Friday 18:40 Ashtanga - Strassen
Sunday 9:30 Iyengar - Strassen

We will further reduce capacity by blocking single-class registration in some courses.

Please consider using credits to practice at home to the classes streamed live online.

2. Hygiene of Strassen and Walferdange

  • All door handles and faucets will be sanitised daily.
  • Teachers will spritz the yoga room and waiting room with an antiviral spray composed only of essential oils. We will soon arrange this spray at all locations.
  • As of Monday, March 9th, we will remove the hand towels in the bathrooms. Only paper towels will be available. Bring your own hand towel or please shake your hands so as not to drip through the pile of paper towels.

3. The borrowing of mats will end March 22nd

We will no longer loan out mats after March 22nd. Students will be required to have their own. During the next two weeks for those who borrow, bring a towel to place on the mat to protect your face and hands. We have mats under retail rates at 25€ (green) and 45€ (purple & deep-blue). We also have a cheap mat at 15€ (light blue). Contact us to order one.

4. Alternate-Nostril Breathing Practice

For classes where alternate nostril breathing is taught, it will be practiced mentally rather than placing your fingers on the nose to comply with the recommendation to avoid touching one's face.

As a side note, clean your cell phones regularly.

Luxembourg Government Official Information site

Thursday, March 12th

We have suspended group classes indefinitely and have moved to streaming.

While we implemented recommendations by medical and governmental authorities, we didn't see why the taking of a yoga class merited the increasing risk of quarantine for the class should an asymptomatic carrier shortly thereafter be found positive.

We are the first yoga center to close and have done so proactively before any governmental request. Our first priority is for teacher and student safety.

Friday, June 5th

While continuing to stream and offer outdoor classes, we return to indoor courses June 7th with the following measures:

  • At least two meters between students
  • face masks required at all locations. When on the mat, the mask may be lowered to allow unobstructed nostril breathing, but the mouth is to remain covered. This is to reduce the spread of droplets and aerosols.
  • Teachers will maintain their distance, provide no hands-on adjustments, and wear masks in a similar fashion.
  • Students will bring their own mats and props.

If you have further recommendations, please email us.