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"The mantra is the bow,
The aspirant is the arrow,
And divine consciousness is the target.
Now draw the bowstring of meditation,
And hitting the target be one with it."

Mundaka Upanishad

Why meditate?

According to yoga, when we reduce the mental chatter in our mind, life becomes clear, simple, and serene, and we feel deeply present, connected, and alive. Our natural state of joy immediately manifests.

In meditation, we maintain the light of consciousness on one object that is uplifting to the mind. The object can be visual like the image of an inspiring spiritual figure. It can be auditory like the sound vibration of a mantra. It can be the breath which always takes place in the present moment. It can be a thought, like the contemplation on one's true and deepest Self.

While most of our yoga classes offer a few minutes of meditation either at the beginning or end of a class, we also offer more extended meditation at satsangs (1 hour programs given on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with a discourse on yoga philosophy, pranayama, and chanting before a 20-minute meditation) or as part of our 1-hour Sunday 20:00 yoga nidra streaming or as part of longer form 2 or 3-hour classes.

If interested, please inquire with us.

"O Traveller! O Pilgrim!
Tread the path of Truth.
Hear the voice of the Silence.
Enter the Silence."

Swami Sivananda

Weekly 1-hour "Yogic Breathing & Meditation" course

Upcoming events for Meditation

Meditation / Optional Dinner

Fredric Bender

starts Sun. jun. 09, '24 at 18:00

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