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Streaming Nidra Yoga

In Nidrā Yoga, we consciously relax the muscles, organs, bones, sense organs (eyes, ears...), the process of sensing (vision, hearing...), and the various functions of the mind to to come into a field of consciousness where the sense of time, space and Ego all dissolve, and there is nothing left but the experience of oneness. It is very psychologically purifying. The normal ups and downs of life begin to affect us less and less as we attain a joyful equanimity. Aside from relaxation, Nidrā yoga also involves concentration practices to find the balance between relaxation and concentration to trigger this super-conscious state.

You will need a cushion to sit for the concentration practices and a comfortable surface, more comfortable than a yoga mat, to lie on for the relaxation practice. You can add thick blankets under a yoga mat, for example.

Schedule for Streaming Nidra Yoga

Winter 2023
Day Time Location Teacher
20:00 - 21:00
Streaming at Home Fredric Details