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Pranayama - Yogic Breathing

"A human being subject to death is alive neither due to inhalation nor exhalation. Rather, he is alive due to something else that gives life to both inhalation and exhalation."

Katha Upanishad

Mindful and dynamic breathing requires full presence and concentration. The traditional breathing practices purify the energy channels of the body called “nadis” and have a direct influence on the physical, emotional and mental state.

"Prana" means life force, and "ayama" means extending, controlling and directing. As the breath and mind are intimately connected, one can render an agitated mind serene and joyful by focusing on long, deep and steady breathing with and without breath retention and by applying energy seals called mudras and energy locks called bandhas. The regular practise of Pranayama gives strength, good health, vigour and vitality. It improves concentration and helps the mind to focus deeply on the essence and joy of one's deepest nature.

Get in-depth information about the why and how of respiratory control techniques (Pranayama).