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Light of the Chakras

commençant le Vendredi 03 avril 2020 à 18:00

Experience the light of the chakras, how to enhance their light to influence our physical, subtle and causal bodies through a myriad of techniques, including the application of Nāda yoga techniques to our individual evolution.

Streamed over 7 Fridays 18:00-19:30, Shyamji will teach all dimensions of each chakra, their petal sounds, rhythms, colors, physical and emotional connections including the colors and sounds of the day of the week.

You will repeat the sounds and melodies to memorize for your sadhana (practice).

Experience your light and discover higher levels of awareness. Through extraordinary mantras and sounds of the chakras with a focus on the breath, tune into your unique golden space, SOORYA AAKASHA. Feel the bliss you are!

Chakras are subtle “wheels” of light. Each organ and physical body aspect is connected with the chakras as they thrive by their light. There are seven major chakras distributed along the length at the back of the spinal column. Each one may be compared to the Sun. The Sun remains perfect, even though our ability to receive full benefits of its rays may be hindered by various obstructions.

Each chakra embodies a mind with its own goals:

Muladhara: first chakra - stability

Swadhisthana: second chakra - interpersonal exchanges

Manipura: third chakra - assertion and accomplishment

Anahata: fourth chakra - to love unconditionally

Vishuddha: fifth chakra - communication and creativity

Ajna: sixth chakra - to intuit and meditate

Sahasrara: seventh chakra - contentment and transcendence of the earthly plane

Each chakra rotates in a specific speed and direction, emanating a specific hue that we may absorb. The seventh chakra light is dazzling light that can enlighten us. Buddha and others have attained enlightenment. Learn how the light within each chakra shines within us and the ways to utilize this light as it applies to each chakra.

Proper pronunciation for the mantras will be taught and practiced, as a preparation to experience the deep effect of the Soorya Akasha, the golden ether, a rare aspect of the voice, created by Sri Shyamji's voice.

Important note: the Soorya Akasha created by Sri Shyamji, in which we will immerse throughout this event, is extremely subtle. Sri Shyamji will teach “complete body hearing” so you may have the maximum experience, and begin the path to learning how to create this most subtle aakasha, for your own practice

Fifty-two sounds of chakras are used by all languages. Seven of these are used by musicians. Sri Shyamji has found that the sounds of chakras and mantras may remove blockages within the microchakras’TM pathways of light.

There are myriad reasons for the blockages, including our karma and social customs.

Learn the proper pronunciation of the sounds to unblock the microchakras. The distinction of solar and lunar tones will be explained and experienced, as they apply to releasing blockages in the microchakrasTM.

Students will learn the rare methods of meditation: they will be taught to chant the specific sounds for the left hemisphere (for purification of thoughts) and for the right hemisphere (for purification of feelings), as a preparation for meditation.

In 1988, the scientists discovered that Pingala is connected with the left hemisphere and Ida with the right hemisphere, something that has been the basis of the yoga of the breath, for millennia.

Everything in the universe is vibrating. Nāda is our fundamental note. It will lead you to an exploration of your own vibration and aspects of your unique, authentic Self.

Learn to examine Ida and Pingala svaras based on the rhythm of the Sun and the Moon from the ancient Svar Yoga. Sri Shyamji will explain how to get the most out of working with the Prana Calendar,TM, as it applies to Svar Yoga, to balance the solar and lunar rhythms.

InnerTuningC System, one of rhythms, sounds and colors, will be taught. Visualization of the colors attracts and enhances the light of your benevolent chakras. The group will chant along and experience the sacred space created for meditation, within the sound.

Enrich your spiritual life by learning the proper pronunciation and melodies of the healing chants leading to a deeper meditation.

Style : Nāda Yoga

Il y a en chacun de nous quelque chose de sacré qui vibre en parfaite harmonie avec l'univers. Cependant, la cacophonie de nos pensées nous empêche de jouir de cette harmonie intérieure. Nāda Yoga nous apprend à nous élever au-dessus de ce bruit, à pénétrer plus profondément dans notre cœur et à découvrir l'inépuisable source de paix intérieure et de force qui y règne. Visitez la page : Nāda yoga.

Enseignant : Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar At twelve, Sri Shyamji met his Guru in Dehradun (in the Himalayans) who taught him the yoga of sound. Coupled with Hatha yoga and Svar Yoga (breath), he healed his congenital lung desease. After 18 years of practice, he had a vision of his own chakras, while also in a cave in the Himalayas. A year later, in New York City, during an automatic writing of five hours, he had a vision of the 147 microchakras. He will be teaching the anatomy of the chakras and the microchakrasTM, and how they effect our body, emotions and mental state. Participants will learn the practices to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain for balance. The group will practice sounds and mantras that facilitate the release of blocked energies and create transformations. Sri Shyamji : Visitez sa page.

Lieu : Streaming à domicile

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