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Traditional Yoga and the Art of Energy Management

commençant le Vendredi 31 mars 2017 à 18:30

Ce week-end est enseigné en anglais.

The ancient philosophy of yoga states that the human body is a sacred temple, in which the divine energy of the universe lies dormant, beyond our normal conscious mind. It also claims that the purpose of asana, pranayama and other yoga techniques is to awaken spiritually by becoming aware of this energy.

The purpose of this workshop to shed light on the ancient way of yoga as “the art of energy management” in both theory and practice. From this perspective, yoga is also a way to transform and evolve spiritually and emotionally. Techniques like asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama and meditation will be taught as well as theory on how to live a yogic life and important observances to follow in order to evolve an existing asana practice into a deeper consciousness-expanding experience.

The way of yoga that Daniel shares is focused on proper energy management through simple physical and mental techniques that can be followed by anyone who desires to do so. Therefore you need not be slim, young or flexible to join this workshop even if it is intended for yoga teachers and aspirants familiar with modern postural yoga. Regardless of where you are in your experience of yoga, the workshop is sure to broaden your perspective and inspire you to dive deeper into yoga as a way of living as well as provide you with techniques to further yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.


There will be theory and practice in all sessions. Practice will include asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, or meditation as appropriate to the subject covered. As the workshop's capacity is 16 and is almost full with participants coming from Friday evening to Sunday noon, we require all interested to register for the full workshop, not individual sessions, or only register for the Friday introductory session that will not involve asana practice.
Day Time Activity
Friday 18:30-21:00

Introduction to the "Art of Energy Management" with a light evening practice. All welcome.

Saturday 9:00-12:00 Part 1
Saturday 15:00-18:00 Part 2 (open to those participating in Part 1)
Sunday 9:00-12:00 Part 3 (open to those participating in Parts 1 & 2)


Regardless if you are a novice or teacher, the workshop is sure to leave you inspired with practical tools to deepen your practice. It is open to students of all levels, but it is assumed that all students can do a sun-salutation, some basic asanas and sit straight with crossed legs for 15 minutes.

INFINY Membership fee

There is a 5 € membership fee if you have not participated in another INFINY asbl workshop in 2017 even if you are only attending a single session. The 5 € membership fee is necessary for insurance purposes.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is fully refundable if cancellation is done no later than February 28th. 50% lost if canceled by March 17th. If you cancel after March 17th, you may only be refunded if you are able to find a replacement for your place even if your cancellation is due to an illness.

Style : Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga est la branche de yoga qui implique des postures physiques, des techniques de respiration et d'autres pratiques pour renforcer le corps physique et purifier et équilibrer son énergie pour augmenter la vitalité, l'équanimité et la joie de vivre. Visitez la page : Hatha yoga.

Enseignant : Daniel Strausser

Daniel Strausser The spiritual way of Yoga that Daniel shares has become a rare commodity in today's yoga scene. Daniel lived and practiced in the caves of the Himalayas and was initiated into an ancient brotherhood of Yogis by his guru in the early 2000's. Since then, he has studied Yoga, Meditation and Tantra under great masters in India and shares the essence of his research with beginners, yogis and senior yoga teachers throughout the world. For 10 years, he ran a yoga studio in his native Sweden, but since 2011 he lives in Chiang Mai whenever he does not meet his Guru in India or teach internationally. Daniel : Visitez sa page.

Lieu : Walferdange

25, rue Josy Welter, Walferdange. Ce cadre chaleureux et confortable fournit une atmosphère intime et merveilleuse pour la pratique du yoga. Facile à trouver avec un arrêt d'autobus à 100 mètres et parking à la Mairie et près du cimetière. L'entrée est à gauche de la maison. Visitez la page : Walferdange.