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Streaming Pregnancy Yoga

If you are interested in pregnancy yoga, we offer a Saturday 9:30-10:30 in-studio group class in Strassen starting September 26th and are considering a Monday 18:30-19:30 streaming class. If either interests you, please email us to let us know at

To be pregnant and to feel a baby growing inside of yourself is an extraordinary and precious experience. During this time, a profound communication is established between future mother and baby. If the future mother is centered and joyous, the baby will be also as the vibratory link between the two is so strong.

The physical practice of prenatal yoga strengthens, tones and creates openness and flexibility in the body. The nervous system is reinforced, and the hormonal system is balanced. The breathing and meditation techniques bring the body and mind into harmony and create a wonderful connectedness to the baby. Prenatal yoga also encourages women to gather together, share experiences, and make friends as they move serenely into this new chapter of their life.

"Thank you so much for this really great birth preparation. I had a storybook delivery. " - R.T.

"The birth went extremely well and I have to say that the yoga and the breathing techniques you taught us definitely helped. In fact, I managed to go through the whole birth without having an epidural, which was my aim initially, and which i hadn't manage for my first child, so thank you! I very much enjoyed the ante-natal yoga classes and will definitely recommend them to my pregnant friends." L.G. 10/3/12

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Schedule for Streaming Pregnancy Yoga

Spring 2021
Day Time Location Teacher
09:30 - 10:30
At Home Barbara Details