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Pregnancy Yoga

To be pregnant and to feel a baby growing inside of yourself is an extraordinary and precious experience. It is during this time that a profound communication can be established between future mother and baby to guarantee the most serene unfolding of the pregnancy, the birth, and all the years to follow.

Due to hormonal changes, the woman may be very sensitive to both her external and internal environment. A conscious and peaceful breath rapidly diminishes the stress and can be used at every moment. Suggested positive affirmations during relaxation bring mental and emotional peace and can be used outside of the course to keep one's vitality elevated.

If the future mother is centered and joyous, the baby will be also as the vibratory link between the two is so strong. By specific physical movements, the body achieves and maintains flexibility and strength. The nervous system is reinforced, and the hormonal system is balanced. These permit the future mother to be master of herself and allow her to move harmoniously and serenely in the world.

"Thank you so much for this really great birth preparation. I had a storybook delivery. " - R.T.

"The birth went extremely well and I have to say that the yoga and the breathing techniques you taught us definitely helped. In fact, I managed to go through the whole birth without having an epidural, which was my aim initially, and which i hadn't manage for my first child, so thank you! I very much enjoyed the ante-natal yoga classes and will definitely recommend them to my pregnant friends." L.G. 10/3/12

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Schedule for Pregnancy Yoga

Winter 2019
Info Day Time Location Teacher  
18:40 - 19:40
Bereldange Denise R