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Nāda Yoga

There is something sacred inside each one of us that vibrates in perfect harmony with the Universe. However, the cacophony of our thoughts prevents us from enjoying this inner harmony. Nāda Yoga teaches us how to rise above this noise, go deeper into our heart and discover the inexhaustible source of inner peace and strength there.

Nāda Yoga is a wonderful confluence of the science of Yoga and the art of Music. Nāda Yoga envisages Music as a means of Enlightenment by exploring the Energy aspect of Music. Nāda Yoga explores the relationship between Swaras (energized musical tones) and five Elements, Chakras, Zodiac signs, Mudras and Gem stones. Balancing the Chakras as well as Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas thru Nāda Yoga can result in remove energy blockages and result in inner healing and deeper states of meditation. Disciplined practice of Nāda Yoga also leads to the same state of Samadhi as Raja Yoga.