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Fernanda Rubim

Fernanda Rubim

Yoga came into my life in 2012 when after being far away from home for several years and going through a breakup, I needed something that would hold me and help me to carry on. Without knowing a lot about yoga, I engaged in a 200h Hatha Vinyasa teacher training in 2015. During the training, I explored different yoga styles and became very interested in Ashtanga. I first thought that I was drawn to it because of its demanding physical practice. Soon, I realized that the practice was offering me so much more than that. Patience, grounding, balance, compassion, connection are some of the qualities which the practice nurtured and continues to nurture in my life.

After deepening my studies with extended trainings with David Swenson, Bryan Kest, Jim Harrington and many other wonderful teachers who I am grateful for crossing my path, I started to share what I learned and continue to learn in classes that explore yamas, niyamas, asanas and pranayama. Yoga for me means connecting wholeheartedly with our physical and spiritual body, with other human beings, with nature, with whatever life offers. It is this yoke/union that I wish to pass on in my classes.

In addition to the course below, Fernanda shares in the teaching of the Thursday 18:30 Ashtanga course in the city and the Saturday 11:00 Ashtanga course in Strassen.