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Yoga La Source

International Yoga Day - Luxembourg

starts Sunday 16 june 2019 at 09:00

Yoga teachers of Luxembourg, including those of Yoga La Source, come together to celebrate the beautiful practice of yoga at the Abbaye de Neumünster Sunday morning, June 16th. Bring your mat and take free classes!

From Yoga La Source, Denise Pesch will teach a beginner-oriented Ashtanga class for the first session and a Hormone Yoga class for every woman's vitality and well-being, young and old, in the second session.

Fredric Bender will teach a 45-minute Prana Kriya dynamic breathing program involving mudras (energy seals) and bandhas (energy locks) to awaken and harmonise one's energy system in the first session (bring a cushion) and a Yoga Nidra session of guided deep relaxation while lying and concentration exercises while seated in the second session.

Andrée Lentz enseignera une séance Sivananda Yoga en français dans la première séance et une séance pour le bas du dos en français dans la deuxième séance.

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Take Bus Nos. 14, 20 & 23

Parking at St. Esprit and taking the lift down to the Grund or parking at Claussen Brasserie and a 10-minute walk along the Alzette

We are NOT organisers of this event. Just spreading the word. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED BELOW. Simply come!

Style: Open

For classes and workshops that are not limited to a particular style. Go to the page.

Teacher: Luxembourg Yoga Teachers

Luxembourg yoga teachers will offer various classes throughout the morning including Denise Pesch, Fredric Bender, and Andrée Lentz from Yoga La Source. Go to Luxembourg Yoga's page.

Location: Abbaye de Neumünster

28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg Go to the Neumünster page.